Dr. Michel De Dobbeleer



  • Post-Doctoral Assistant, Research Staff, Department of Languages and Cultures, section Slavic and East-European Studies, Ghent University, 2015‑
  • Postdoc/Professor Long Term Research Stay (DAAD U4 Mobility Grant), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 2015 & 2016
  • Member (and since 2017 chairman) of the Comics Advisory Board of the Flemish Literature Fund, 2014-
  • Secretary of the Study Programme Committee East-European Languages and Cultures, Ghent University, 2014‑
  • Student Contact Person East-European Languages and Cultures, Ghent University, 2014‑
  • Post-Doctoral Assistant, Department of Languages and Cultures, section Slavic and East-European Studies, Ghent University, 2012‑2015
  • Teacher in East-European History and Culture, 'Travel Guide Training: Europe', Het Perspectief Ghent, 2012-
  • PhD in East-European Languages and Cultures, Ghent University, 2012
  • Teaching Assistent in Paleoslavistics, Department of Slavic and East-European Studies, Ghent University, 2009‑2012
  • Teacher in Bulgarian & Russian (adult education), Het Perspectief Gent & CVO Handelsschool Aalst, 2011‑2012
  • Board member of the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies, 2009-2011
  • Research Scholarship Italy (Flemish Community), Università di Pisa, 2008-2009
  • Qualified Teacher's Degree for Secondary Education (section 2), Ghent University, 2005
  • Teacher in Latin (secondary school), Koninklijk Atheneum Aalst, 2005
  • Research Scholarship Bulgaria (Flemish Community), University St Kliment Ohridski & Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, 2004
  • MA in East-European Languages and Cultures (Russian, Bulgarian, Old Church Slavic), Ghent University, 2004
  • MA in Linguistics and Literature: Latin and Greek (option Italian), Ghent University, 2001


  • Russian Literature: 18th & 19th century (BA 2): 2015-
  • Central European Literature and Culture (BA 3): 2012-2015
  • Old Church Slavic (BA 1-3): 2005-2015
  • Art and Culture of Byzantium and Slavia Orthodoxa (MA): 2010-2012


  • Post-doctoral project: 'The Handmaiden’s Balancing Act: Eastern Europe, (Welt)literaturgeschichte and the Vienna System'
  • PhD project: The Epic of 1453? Nestor-Iskinder's Medieval-Russian Tale of Constantinople Through Comparative Literary Theory (dissertation [in Dutch] defended in 2012)
  • (World) literary history and canon formation
  • Narrativity and comics adaptation (theory)
  • European epic (esp. literary/secondary epics) and premodern historiography
  • 'Siege narratives' (genre, plot, chronotopic and other studies of narratives about city sieges)
  • Circulation of Dutch literature in Eastern Europe (http://www.codl.nl/kaas)


Complete academic bibliography: https://biblio.ugent.be/person/801002032512

[In press / forthcoming / in preparation:

  • MDD, The Non-Muslim Sieges of Byzantine Constantinople. In: TDV ISAM (Islam Research Center) (ed.), History of Istanbul. Istanbul: Kültür AŞ, forthcoming.
  • MDD, Hungry For a Plot: Degrees of Involvement in Narrations of the Leningrad Blockade (G. Kniazev, Iu. Riabinkin, and V. Vysotskii). Mosaïque, forthcoming.


Mogelijke scriptieonderwerpen voor studenten

  • Literatuurgeschiedenis m.b.t. Oost-Europese letterkunde
  • Russische / Bulgaarse narratieve literatuur tot ca. 1900
  • Narrativiteit in premoderne Oost-Europese epiek en/of historiografie, evt. comparatistisch: t.o.v. West-Europese teksten over dezelfde gebeurtenis(sen)
  • Narratologisch-ideologische doorlichting van een Slavisch 'belegeringsverhaal', ook 'modernere' casussen (blokkade van Leningrad, beleg van Stalingrad...) en afzonderlijke delen van een werk (bv. passages in Tolstojs Oorlog en vrede over Napoleons belegering van Moskou)
  • Adaptatietheorie m.b.t. populaire cultuur, i.h.b. strips (over/uit Oost-Europa)
  • Alternatieve geschiedenis (uchronie)
  • Receptie van de Nederlandse letteren in Oost-Europa