‘Taalkring’ of ‘Taalkr( )g’  bundelt alle (ver)taalgerelateerde activiteiten van de opleiding. Het gaat om eenmalige evenementen en om initiatieven van langere duur, zoals het Gents Collectief Poëzievertalers (met focus op Russische poëzie) of VerTaalKolectiV (met focus op Bulgaars proza).


Event Information:

  • Din

    In search for women writers in Balkan literature: the Knjiženstvo project, Desanka Maksimović and Blaga Dimitrova

    18:30Faculteitsraadzaal, Blandijn

    Prof. dr. Biljana Dojcinovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

    This lecture focuses on the works and voices of silenced and sidelined talented Balkan women authors. At the centre of this lecture is the research project Књиженство, which aims at reconstructing the often forgotten and hidden landscape of Serbian women writers and their texts up to 1915. Soon, the project will extend its time span, and include the works of the poet, writer and translator Desanka Maksimović. Her translations were published in a 1969 anthology that included the poems of Blaga Dimitrova, a Bulgarian women writer. The interrelations between the translator and the poets point at a network of transnational interactions, an element that can contribute to the further study of Balkan women writers.