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    Opening tentoonstelling: Cultural Heritage of the Bulgarians in Migration

    12:30Faculteisbibliotheek, Rozier 44

    The exhibition “Cultural Heritage of the Bulgarians in Migration” represents in posters the activity of the formal and informal organisations which focus on the safeguarding, transmission, and popularisation of the cultural heritage of the Bulgarian migrants in Europe and the USA in the last three decades.

    The materials were collected during the period between 2014 and 2017 by a team of scholars based at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who visited 80 cities in 16 countries in Europe, among which Ghent and Brussels in Belgium, as well as several states in the USA. They met representatives of over 300 Bulgarian Sunday schools, dance formations, embassies and consulates, cultural institutes and centres, associations and societies, choirs, food stores and restaurants, media, as well as individual artists. This is the largest study of Bulgarian communities living abroad that has ever been done.

    The exhibition is a result of the project “Cultural Heritage in Migration. Models of Consolidation and Institutionalisation of the Bulgarian Communities Abroad” funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund at the Ministry of Education and Science.

    The exhibition will be opened by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Penchev from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.